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Oprhaned Land
We Do Not Resist!

A new record coming Jan 2021. A last chance to be loud.


Orphaned Land and Soundsup Records are thrilled to finally announce the release of our second collaboration, a 4-track extended play “We Do Not Resist”. We started working on it long before 2020 with all its turbulence and devastation and had to go to great lengths to have it come out. But somehow or other, by a strange coincidence the tracks on the album perfectly reflect everything that is going on in the world right now. We know that lots of musicians from across the globe are struggling to survive coronavirus lockdowns with no stage to perform on and no audience to perform to. We are witnessing an unprecedented rise of totalitarianism and global control over public and private life through social networks and media. Sometimes it does good, but most times, it doesn’t. We know that the pandemic never put an end to wars, conflicts and genocide taking place right now. We know how many fakes and hate speech are thriving on social media. And we know that we do not resist enough. We may be different in terms of where we live in, faith, skin color, and so on, but this release is our way to communicate very simple things to all people living on Earth. Resist to fake news. Resist to hate. Resist to total control. Think for yourself.

The EP includes ‘uncensored’ versions of 2 songs from the so much acclaimed “Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs” – without any “beep” sounds and just as they were originally recorded. The other 2 live tracks are from a Tel-Aviv gig in 2010. The sleeve design is something we take special pride in as it features something completely different from what we’ve done before. We’ve created a black and white version of the cover that repeats the illusionary eye on the original cover – and it appears to blink as you slowly move the plastic piece. The vinyl itself is stone-gray. Mastering done by Jens Bogren perfectly preserves the dynamics and cutting was performed by a great Berlin-based professional Andreas Kauffelt.

This is Soundsup last release for now. But definitely not the last from Orphaned Land. We hope you enjoy it.


Orphaned Land - We Do Not Resist (EP)


Orphaned Land - Sukkot in Berlin (EP) + We Do Not Resist (EP)

"Well, we’ll try it once more very loud. And if we don’t get it, we’ll try it quiet like you might do it the other way. Okay, the loud one, last go. Last chance to be loud!"

JOHN LENNON, Abbey Road Sessions, 22 Feb 1969


We began doing vinyls in 2012, driven by an idea to make a product which we can call unique and which we would love to buy ourselves. We were then young, unxeperienced, rather stupid but energetic. We tried our best to deliver ultimate experience to those who will buy from us. Each release we produced was always turning into exciting journey: we searched for decent music, agreed with an artist, re-designed the whole package, mastered from source to escape dynamic compression, tried to find the best pressing and paper. Seeing artists and fans enjoying our LPs made us really happy.

But living in different cities and different countries brought us some significant amount of challenges. One day we’ve found that our partner from Germany vanished for us without a trace – he was alive and well, but stopped answering by any ways of communication. We lost ability to send the parcels, access to our catalogue, necessary contacts and papers and most important – helping hand, who can help us with all the work beneath the surface. We had to revisit all our plans putting them on hold with a later cancelation. Re-gaining what already belonged to us and fixing all necessary paperwork to continue took almost 2 years, during we’ve found that industry had quite changed.

Despite the fact that we started seeing load of cool stuff on the vinyl market, we had some rights obtained and awesome ideas of how to release those. But we also finally found that only one person from the entire team is ready to invest his efforts in further label’s life. It means we had to stop struggling with ourselves and put the label if not into close but at least to hiatus to the point when something happens that allows us to get back on track.

At the same time we decided to finish and release at least something we were up to. Kobi from Orphaned Land always brought us enormous amount of support and we wanted to pay the same to the band and to all those fans who bought our previous release. It was quite some year for all of us, with the most consequences to the bands, because playing live in front of the audience it’s not always about income money to feed the families. It’s about sharing energy and doing the thing that you love most above all others.

By announcing this last release we would like to say thank you for all people who supported us, who was buying from us and who helped us. We know that we are no major label by any means and there’s not much of loyal fans around us. But we know that we owe you some sincere words too.

Stay safe!

Orphaned Land
We Do Not Resist




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